Install your own Alarm,
Protect your House,
your way.

Ring Alarm Pack

Simple to set up, easy to use and completely customisable to suit your needs, Ring Alarm Packs offer the power of a smart security system in an affordable package that puts home protection in your hands.

Notifications in Real Time

Receive notifications when any of your Alarm sensors are triggered.

24-Hour Backup Battery

Keep your home safe and secure, even during loadshedding.

Optional Cellular Backup

Continue monitoring your home in the event that your system goes offline.

Notifications in Real Time

The brains behind it all. Keep your Ring Alarm online and connected to your devices. Connect the Base Station via Ethernet or wifi. If the power goes down, you’ll still be protected with battery power for up to 24 hours. With Ring Protect Plus, you can even benefit from Cellular Backup if your internet connection drops.


Set and go. Control your system from inside your home with battery-powered convenience. Mount the new look Keypad to any flat wall or simply leave it on a nearby surface for everyday convenience. Add multiple keypads around the house for easier access.

Contact Sensors

Protect every entry. Compact, secure, and now featuring a removable slim magnet for easy installation, even when space is limited. Mount Contact Sensors to doors or window frames so you always know when they open.

Motion Detector

Watch over your space. Mount the discreet Motion Detectors to room corners or flat walls and get real-time notifications on your phone when motion is detected at home. It’s your pet’s home too! Let them roam when you’re not home. Smart motion detection settings can allow you to ignore your pets and detect intruders*.

Range Extender

Cover your home. Add Range Extenders1 throughout your home to extend the signal from your Alarm Base Station to all Alarm components, so you can make sure your security coverage stays strong and clear.

*Pet detection: If set at the lowest motion sensitivity setting and mounted at 2.1 metres above ground for pets under 22kg.